Hygiene products campaign

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Hygiene products campaign


Dear brothers and sisters from Basic Life Support,

Thank you so much for supporting this campaign and making it possible for us to prepare 40 parcels, for 40 elderly who confront with great poverty.

We attach some photos who speak more about this action than we could say, but what we can say is that these parcels raised different reactions from them – for example, a few ladies who are burdened by physical sufferings above others, felt so overwhelmed by this small gesture that they started crying. For most of them, every gift, every item received for which they don’t have to pay, is a real blessing these days. Also, the bag of detergent was the star of this campaign, as each elderly said it was something they don’t normally afford buying.

Thanks to your help, we could do even more!
More than we hoped, more than we even thought!

As we managed to mobilize some people from the local community to make parcels and bring them here, or others to donate through the shops, so together with the money you sent we not only completed the budget but extended it and managed to buy hygiene products for those families in the villages who confront with great poverty.

More precisely, 22 families also benefited from these parcels and were very blessed! Part of them already received the parcels, others will during these days.
All the elderly received the parcels last week.

Thank you for the joy, for the blessings poured and for your loving hearts. We wish your could be here to witness the reactions caused by your support, but
we can only pray and pass on the love and gratitude, hoping God’s blessings will repay you!

We will come back to you with another email regarding the urgent needs of these families and thank you so much for your availability to help!

With love,
Cris & the Ecce Homo team